Doing great science today requires a team of committed and creative individuals from a variety of scientific backgrounds.  We are looking to recruit scientists with diverse skills and interests in order to accomplish challenging interdisciplinary research at the frontiers of biophysics, chemical biology, and synthetic biology.  Our goal is to build an open environment with minimal hierarchy where scientific dogmas are questioned.  We also encourage working in teams so that we can help each other troubleshoot experiments and bounce ideas off each other.

Students and fellows can expect to build skills in many different scientific fields like proteomics, mass spectrometry, molecular biology, directed evolution, and biomaterials.  All of these skills are important in biotechnology and medical sciences in addition to basic research, providing a wide array of opportunities in a variety of fields inside and outside of academia.  In addition, students and fellows in the Fried Lab will be expected to develop strong scientific writing and communication skills, which are critical for success for many careers.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Individuals with a Ph.D. and background in mass spectrometry, synthetic biology, chemical biology, or biophysics are encouraged to apply.  Post-doctoral candidates are encouraged to email enquiries to Stephen with:

(1) a CV including a list of publications;
(2) a summary of current and future research interests;
(3) a list of three references with names, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Graduate Students

We are committed to mentoring and nurturing future scientists.  Prospective graduate students are encouraged to apply through the JHU Chemistry graduate program and specifying their interest in this lab on the online application.


We are keen to have undergrads in the lab who want to get a taste for research.  If you are a JHU undergrad in the Chemistry, Biology, Biophysics, or related departments, please email an enquiry to Stephen with your CV.